Solid Cure For Canker Sores

Published: 19th April 2011
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A canker sore might merely be a slight irritation inside of your mouth. Nevertheless, it also may be a source of pain and suffering. These sores can show up nearly anyplace inside the mouth, and several factors might help with their development. The Body's Defense Mechanisms

Health science does not know exactly what causes these mouth sores, and sometimes they can fade away as quickly as they form. However, there are a number of factors that might be instrumental. Individuals with autoimmune disease such as lupus and rheumatoid arthritis may be at higher risk for developing these mouth ulcers. Likewise people that suffer from celiac disease and other sensitivities to food, might be susceptible to mouth sores.

If the problem is immune system related, some types of treatments might include replacing beneficial bacteria in the body and mouth. Consuming yogurt on a daily basis might help. Also, one can take acidophilus supplements, rather than eating yogurt. These supplements ought to be stored in the refrigerator, because they include live bacteria, and higher temperatures may kill the microorganisms, and make the products ineffective.

Soft Tissue Injury

Oral injury is believed to have an impact on canker sores. You may be chewing food and inadvertently bite your tongue or cheek. The site of the bite may form an ulceration, eventually. Many type of sport related injures can involve your mouth, also. Occasionally, it may be the result of simply being too forceful when brushing teeth.

Treatments for injury might include frequent rinsing with warm salt water. This may cause the affected region to burn, but it will act as a disinfectant. Salt will also help to draw swelling from the wound. If there is a lot of swelling, ice might be an helpful treatment.

The Mouthwash and Toothpaste Link

Sodium lauryl sulfate or SLS, may not be widely known, but it is a common additive in most kinds of mouthwashes and toothpastes. This product acts as an emulsifier in creams, and is also a powerful detergent which will cut grease. SLS is a known irritant to skin and is extremely dangerous to eyes. A number of people have a powerful sensitivity or allergy to SLS.

If you're sensitive to SLS, you can steer clear of it by utilizing organically produced products. A few of these items may not be available in retail stores, but may be found in health food stores, as well as on-line. Make sure to read all labels before using mouthwashes or toothpaste. Natural products might help your body wipe out sores, by getting rid of irritations.

Bottom Line

If you get a canker sore, there might be no recognized cause for the problem. Nevertheless things such as oral injury and immune system reaction may be involved in their development. Salt water rinses and ingesting beneficial bacteria may help. Also, it may be a reaction to sensitivity or allergic reaction to sodium lauryl sulfate or SLS, a typical chemical in the majority of toothpaste. If you suspect SLS as a problem, make certain that you purchase natural products that don't include SLS. In a few instances, these mouth sores might ultimately go away on their own. If the condition is consistent or extreme, make certain that you see your doctor about it.

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